‘Dark Souls 3’ gets 60fps performance boost on Xbox Series consoles

It's a thumbs up from the 'Dark Souls' man

FromSoftware’s grimdark RPG Dark Souls 3 can now run at 60fps on Xbox Series X|S consoles thanks to an upgrade.

As tested by Eurogamer, an FPS Boost upgrade for Dark Souls 3 will let players enjoy a 60fps rendition of the game on Xbox Series X or S consoles, similar to the performance improvement enjoyed by PlayStation 5 owners.

Eurogamer’s Digital foundry tested the upgrade, finding that it performed at a consistent 60fps, with a few hiccups taking the game lower in intensive areas.


The testing also explained that FromSoftware patched the PlayStation 4 version of the game for the Pro version of that console, allowing Dark Souls 3 to run at 1080p 60fps.

The Xbox One X version did not receive the same upgrade, meaning that the game can only run 900p 60fps on the Xbox Series consoles, which leaves it a little less graphically impressive than the Sony counterpart.

Digital Foundry also discovered that load times in Dark Souls 3 are significantly improved too: “Fast-travelling from the initial Firelink Shrine to the High Wall of Lothric gets chopped almost in half, down to 6.7 seconds on Xbox Series X, versus the 12.3 seconds on the older Xbox One X.”

Fans of Dark Souls are currently looking forward to FromSoftware’s next release, Elden Ring, which is set o release on January 21 in 2021.


An update from Bandai Namco also revealed that players will be able to use “the environment, the weather and the time of day” as advantages in combat. The game received it’s first glimpse of gameplay at the end of Summer Game Fest earlier this year.

Game Director Hidetaka Miyazaki has also suggested that the game will have a more manageable level of difficulty than previous Souls titles.

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