‘Dark Souls’ fans worry multiplayer isn’t coming back after Steam change

References to multiplayer on all 'Dark Souls' Steam pages have been removed

Following a change to the Steam page for Dark Souls, fans are concerned that Bandai Namco will not be re-enabling multiplayer in the trilogy.

Back in January, Bandai Namco disabled multiplayer in all three Dark Souls games on PC, due to a major security exploit within the game’s servers.

At the time, Bandai Namco shared that “online services for the Dark Souls series on PC will not resume until after the release of Elden Ring,” however that was several months ago and there’s still been no word on when the servers will return.


However, fans of the series are now concerned that multiplayer will not return. As reported by The Outerhaven (via PC Gamer), each of the game’s Steam pages have been updated to remove mentions of “Online Co-op” and “Online PVP”.

The Steam page changes were carried out without comment, which means that Dark Souls fans have been left speculating on what the changes could mean.

While it may just be a temporary change to match the series’ lack of multiplayer at the moment, some feel that it may signal multiplayer being unavailable for much longer – or perhaps means it’s been removed permanently.

Dark Souls Remastered
Dark Souls Remastered. Credit: FromSoftware

“The servers got shut down and we’ve been given this empty promise that the servers will return after the release of Elden Ring,” reads one negative Steam review for Dark Souls 3, which added “FromSoft removed the multiplayer tags so I’m inclined to believe the servers will never return.”


Likewise, a Steam review for Dark Souls 2 says that Bandai Namco doesn’t “appear to intend to fix the servers” due to the recent store page change.

While the status of Dark Souls multiplayer is up in the air, Bandai Namco is yet to share its progress on the maintenance.

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