‘Darkest Dungeon 2’ trailer shows 3D gameplay in hellish stagecoach ride

"Everywhere, in all directions, destruction has claimed dominion"

The latest trailer for Darkest Dungeon 2 has revealed a look at what to expect from the upcoming sequel, including 3D gameplay elements and an improved character UI.

Posted earlier today (October 22), the latest Darkest Dungeon 2 trailer – called ‘Darkest Dungeon 2 – Road of Ruin’ – shows that the danger explored in the first game has spread across the world.

The trailer opens up by showcasing some 3D gameplay, following segments where players must drive a stagecoach through various environments. During these sections, players will still have a choice on which paths to take.


Another screen shows that the stagecoach can be upgraded with various modifications, with one, in particular, making it more likely that the path ahead is scouted.

One scene also offers a glimpse into how party members can relieve stress. With four characters spending time together in a tavern and chatting, the trailer makes it look like the character management process – which involves ensuring they don’t reach maximum stress and taking care of any maladies and diseases – will be much more involved in the sequel.

In general, characters have been animated in more detail, with various animations for movement and attacking displayed.

The trailer also shows off a much-improved UI, where more character details – like skill choices – can be viewed and changed on one screen.

Similarly to how players choose which area of the estate to delve into in the first Darkest Dungeon, players will be able to select which location they travel through.


Darkest Dungeon 2 will launch in early access on October 26, available exclusively on the Epic Games Store.

In other news, Terraria and Don’t Starve are teasing a crossover update for both games, with both developers suggesting that the games will swap bosses.

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