‘Darksiders III’ is coming to Nintendo Switch next month

The Darksiders trilogy on Switch is now complete

THQ Nordic has announced that Darksiders III will be coming to Nintendo Switch next September and will include all DLC (downloadable content).

The Nintendo Switch edition of Darksiders III will release on September 30 and will include the Keepers Of The Void and The Crucible DLC. The game will cost £34.99 and is available in both the Nintendo eStore and as a physical copy.

Darksiders III allows players to take control of Fury, one of the horsemen of the apocalypse. She dispatches foes with a deadly whip and ferocious magic. Fury has multiple movement abilities to allow players to explore the environment of a post-apocalyptic, devil-infested Earth. Players must use every tool in Fury’s arsenal to defeat the seven deadly sins and bring balance between the forces ravaging Earth.


The Crucible DLC adds a wave-based challenge mode that allows players to tackle some of the most challenging content in the game. There are 101 waves for players to battle through. Players will be rewarded for their progress with unique armour sets, new enchantments to wield, and rare crafting materials to improve their gear.

In the Keepers Of The Void DLC players will venture into the Serpent Holes to complete a quest from Vulgrim. Here they will face an all-new threat with locations, puzzles, and enemies unique to the DLC. By completing the challenges, Fury can be equipped with new weapon forms and the Abyssal Armour.

With this release fans of the franchise will have plenty to play through on Switch, and now the full Darksiders trilogy is available on the platform. It is also worth noting that the Switch version costs considerably less than the Steam version.

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