‘DARQ: Complete Edition’ will be next week’s Epic Game Store freebie

Submerge yourself in the nightmare, if you dare

DARQ: Complete Edition is next week’s upcoming free title on the Epic Game Store, replacing this week’s game, Among The Sleep. It will be free to download for anyone who has the storefront installed.

DARQ is a mind-bending, surreal puzzle game, set in a boy’s lucid nightmare. The game features physics-based puzzles that will see you walking on walls, clambering on ceilings, and shifting perspectives to try and solve them.

Developed and published by Unfold Games, DARQ takes you on a journey through player-character Lloyd’s nightmare. Unable to wake from these terrors, you have to help him uncover the meaning behind his dream.


DARQ: Complete Edition comes with two pieces of in-game DLC, The Tower, and The Crypt. Both add new areas that are available to explore before beating the game, meaning new players can jump right in and experience the creepy puzzles.

People still have time to grab a copy of Among The Sleep, a first-person horror adventure where you also play as a child trapped in a nightmare. Though the premise is similar, the gameplay and art style are very different, meaning both of these games are worth playing this Halloween.

Epic Games has been giving away free games every week since the launch of the Epic Game Store. This included 103 games in 2020, which saved players almost £2000. Though costly for Epic, the company has also attracted over 160million people to its online storefront, and those users claimed 749million free games last year alone.

In other news, Forza Horizon 5 pre-loads are ready, but the game comes with a hefty 103GB install size. Also, Xbox Series X|S owners now have access to a 4K dashboard and night mode options.

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