‘Dead By Daylight’ Nemesis abilities detailed for ‘Resident Evil’ event

Nemesis packs a punch, and more

Capcom and Behaviour Interactive have teamed-up to bring Resident Evil‘s Nemesis to Dead by Daylight.

The new killer will be armed with abilities focused around his appearance in 2020’s Resident Evil 3 Remake. Nemesis will arriving in Dead by Daylight on June 15, along with a new map based on the Raccoon City Police Department.

A reveal trailer has been made available on YouTube:


Behaviour Interactive has also detailed Nemesis’s in-game abilities in a press release.

‘Lethal Pursuer’ will highlight all survivors at the start of the round for a short period allowing him to zero in on targets rapidly.

‘Hysteria’ causes all injured survivors to suffer the Oblivious status effect whenever he puts a healthy survivor into the injured state. This removes the player’s early warning systems of his approach.

‘Eruption’ allows Nemesis to sabotage generators for an explosion later. Each time you kick a generator it becomes marked for eruption. When players put a survivor into the dying state all marked generators will explode.

Finally, Nemesis comes with a special attack called ‘Tentacle Strike’. This attack does not deal damage on the first hit but causes the “Contamination” affliction. If they already have contamination, then it will deal damage instead.


Contamination can be cured by vaccines found throughout the map, though using a vaccine will reveal players  to the killer.

Zombies also accompany the Nemesis into the Entity’s domain. Two will spawn at the start of the round and will roam the area. Survivors attacked by zombies will gain Contamination. If they already have Contamination, they will take damage instead.

The introduction of Ai enemies into Dead by Daylight is a first for the game. These zombies can also be killed by the Nemesis players to increase their mutation rate which will make them even more powerful as the round progresses.

In other Resident Evil news, a modder recently created a brand new difficulty mode for Resident Evil Village, which is designed to be even harder than current Village of Shadows difficulty.


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