‘Dead by Daylight’ reveals ‘SAW’ crossover in gory trailer

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Developer Behaviour Interactive has revealed a SAW crossover for its asymmetric multiplayer horror title Dead by Daylight, with The Pig once again set to join the game.

Horror fans won’t have long to wait either, as Behaviour confirmed the new killer would arrive in Dead by Daylight this coming Wednesday, January 26.

The Pig will be coming to Dead by Daylight as part of the game’s Archives, special events that dive into the universe’s lore and the backgrounds of its playable characters. Each Archive event is structured as a Tome, offering players new levels and different layouts, plus the chance to unlock time-limited rewards by completing in-game challenges.


After surviving traps laid out for her by SAW’s Jigsaw, Amanda Young – now known as The Pig – returns as one of the killers in Dead By Daylight. This blog details more on The Pig’s abilities, which seems to revolve around using traps to lay elaborate ambushes.

Anyone playing The Pig will be able to set Reverse Bear Traps on survivors’ heads. Any player who is victim to this must then hunt for Jigsaw Boxes across the map to find a key for the trap, otherwise they are automatically sacrificed when a countdown timer comes to an end.

In December, Behaviour Interactive announced plans for another crossover with the classic Japanese horror movie Ring. While further details are yet to be announced, it seems the drowned girl Sadako who crawls out of the television of anyone who watches a cursed videotape, will be making her way to Dead by Daylight in some fashion. The event is set to start in March 2022.

In other news, Elden Ring producer Yasuhiro Kitao has said the upcoming game can be beaten in around 30 hours, while Apex Legends has confirmed the next playable character to be joining the game will be “Mad Maggie”.

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