‘Death Stranding’ Director’s Cut is coming to PS5

Yes, that's the famous cardboard box

Death Stranding Director’s Cut is coming to PS5, as announced at Summer Game Fest.

Geoff Keighley sat down for a pre-recorded interview with Hideo Kojima at Summer Game Fest and announced that a Director’s Cut version of Death Stranding is coming to PS5. There is currently no release date for the upgraded version of the game, with the Metal Gear Solid-inspired trailer flashing up a ‘coming soon’ message.

After talking to Kojima, a video played showing Death Stranding protagonist Sam Porter Bridges in a Shadow Moses-esque facility, before he takes a cardboard box. He then contemplates getting in the box for quite some time, before going full-on Solid Snake and taking the plunge.


Hideo Kojima Summer Game Fest

Before the footage was shown, Kojima talked in vague terms about the future of his work at Kojima Productions after the pandemic. He said: “I’ve been re-thinking my creative process, I guess all creators are thinking the same way. I think that this is a big assignment for us.”

When asked about what’s coming next specifically for him, Kojima didn’t reveal much. He said: “It won’t be like the past, it won’t be one step at a time. We have to adapt and think about new ways of creating, as entertainment can’t fall behind.”

“If it was something like an alien coming into my game, it wouldn’t matter much about the current state of the world. I always want to put some societal elements as a base into the game, to introduce players to what’s happening and maybe they’ll think about it.”

The content and improvements in the Death Stranding Director’s Cut are all still unknown, with no release date set.