‘Death Stranding Director’s Cut’ release date announced for PC

An upgrade costs twice as much as it did on PlayStation

Death Stranding Director’s Cut will release for the first time for PC on March 30, after its initial release on PlayStation 5.

The extended version of Death Stranding will be arriving on PC in just a few months, following rumours that it would be coming out this spring. Originally released exclusively for PlayStation 5, PC owners of the original version will be able to upgrade to the extended version for £10. This is twice the price of the £5 PlayStation 4 owners had to pay to upgrade their games to this extended version on the current generation of consoles.

Hideo Kojima, director of Death Stranding has said he doesn’t like referring to this release as the ‘Director’s Cut’ instead choosing to refer to it as “Director’s Plus”. He states that everything he wanted was in the original, this new version simply adds extras such as new weapons, photo mode, and most popular is the new racing mode. These were added in to give extra gameplay to players.


Death Stranding Mads Mikkelsen
Death Stranding. Credit: Kojima Productions

Norman Reedus, who plays the protagonist Sam in the game, has previously disclosed that a sequel has been planned and that development is in the “very early stages.” This new title would however be separate to this PC release.

In NME’s five star review of the Director’s Cut, Jordan Oloman praised the additions saying:

“If you’re a newcomer to Death Stranding, the Director’s Cut is the best way to play an absolute masterpiece, and I’m very jealous that you’ll be able to engage with it in all its glory. Some of the systemic chaff has been cut out to maintain the atmosphere while making your adventure a little less punishing, and, as a result, it feels far more accessible than it was at launch. – Returning players are also getting a lot of bang for their buck if they upgrade thanks to a job lot of new content and lore, providing a great excuse to transfer your data, slip on your Bridges Boots and dive back in.”

In other news, UFL has announced a Ronaldo partnership with a new gameplay reveal.

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