‘Deathloop’s’ Dinga Bakaba is the new studio director of Arkane Lyon

Protecting a new development cycle

Following studio director Romuald Capron stepping down from the Deathloop developers, Arkane Lyon, last month, Dinga Bakaba has been announced as the new head.

Initially, after Capron’s decision to step down from the studio to follow new challenges in game development and to spend more time with his family, three directors and one producer of the French development team took split responsibility for the title.

Alongside the newly appointed studio director, Dinga Bakaba, was co-creative director Sébastian Mitton, technical director Hugo Tardif and executive producer, Morgan Barbe. However, according to VGC, Bakaba has now taken sole responsibility for the position of studio director.


He will also retain his title of co-creative director alongside the aforementioned Sébastian Mitton, who also worked as art director on Deathloop‘s PlayStation 5 and PC ports. Bakaba has been with Arkane Lyon since 2010 and is credited as the Game and Lead designer on several Dishonored titles and DLCs, as well as first-person shooter Wolfenstein: Young Blood.

Reviewing for NME, Jordan Oloman gave Deathloop the maximum five stars, exclaiming it to be “an essential purchase if you value video games that expand the medium’s boundaries.” He praised the way “it has successfully nurtured that genius nugget of an idea — a roguelike immersive simulator — into a AAA blockbuster”.

Following the successful release of Deathloop, Arkane Lyon’s next project is currently unknown. The Austin branch of Arkane Studios is reportedly working on the open-world title Redfall, initially announced during E3 2021 for release in summer 2022.

In other news, kickstarted title Scorn has been delayed once again simply giving a new 2022 release date,  and Apex Legends players have been exploiting the new Gravity Cannons, as the high-speed travel system dropped with the latest season 11 update alongside the battle royale’s largest-ever map, Storm Point.

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