Deckbuilding fighter ‘EndCycle VS’ gets April launch date

A fighting game where you'll use a deck of cards to batter your opponent

EndCycle VS, a fighting game where players must use a deck of cards to battle it out with opponents, has been announced along with an April release date.

After nine years in development, EndCycle VS is set to launch on April 20 for PC and mobile platforms.

According to a press release from developer 12B3, EndCycle VS will be a “unique 2D deckbuilding fighting game where players tackle increasingly difficult enemies in a high-stakes, grid-based fight to the death.”


EndCycle VS has something for both single and multiplayer fans, with a deep and engaging story adventure, a challenging roguelike mode which never plays the same way twice, and a perfectly-tuned online multiplayer experience,” added the press release.

You can watch the announcement trailer for EndCycle VS below.

EndCycle VS has been in Steam Early Access since January 2019, and has a ‘Positive’ review metric on Steam.

To mark the release of EndCycle VS, it will be updated with a new character, localisation for Japanese and Korean versions, and a “fresh rebrand”.

Overall, the deckbuilder will include 20 fighters and a Creative Centre feature, which allows players to create their own characters, maps and miscellanious mods from within the game. These mods will be available on both Steam and mobile platforms, and will be functional with the multiplayer side of the game.


“We are proud to say that after nine years of developing EndCycle VS we still have fun discovering exciting new ways to play the awesome mix of deckbuilding, fighting and intense multiplayer action that makes the game unique,” said the duo behind 12B3.

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