‘Deep Rock Galactic’ set to receive “biggest update ever” over the summer

Two new updates in one year

Co-op mining game Deep Rock Galactic is getting two new updates this year, with the second set to be the “biggest update yet”.

Deep Rock Galactic was released three years ago and has so far seen 33 updates, with updates 34 and 35 being laid out in a recent Roadmap post by the Ghost Ship Games team.

Update 34 will be “smaller than usual” and include official modding support on Steam, including the ability to save games to different profiles so as to keep a clean file. A Modding menu will be included in the UI, along with Server Tags and Filters that allow players to choose whether to participate in a modded game or not.


The devs also promised a full balance pass on their Weapons and Overclocks, and will overhaul the controller binding options so players can choose their own layout.

The second update, Update 35, will be far bigger, including a new mission type. It has also been reported that the update will include new weapons, overclocks, and UI and QOL upgrades. This update is expected sometime between July and September.

The team’s Roadmap Update stated: “Update 35 has no title yet nor a theme. And since it’s so far away the content is obviously not finalized. But we know that it will very likely include a number of features that have been previously announced like a new mission, new weapons, new overclocks, and new cosmetic items. On top of this, we might add in some new mutators, more features to the space-rig, more cosmetic systems, and maybe some more things to happen during the missions.”

Also mentioned in their Roadmap Update, published on Steam last week, was the anniversary of Deep Rock Galactic’s launch. The team celebrated by hosting a live dev stream, complete with a Q&A and art showcase.