Descenders’ recieves next-gen Xbox Series S/X updates – including 120FPS high performance mode

You can now hit a tree face-first in even higher resolutions

Descenders, the procedurally generated extreme downhill biking game, received an official Xbox Series S/X release yesterday (July 8).

Descenders’ Xbox Series S/X release arrives with a number of upgrades and improvements. The game now features a 120fps mode, 8-player lobbies in online matchmaking and graphical improvements.

A launch trailer for the game shows the different performance modes. On Xbox Series X, players have the option to choose between high performance, performance and resolution. High performance restricts the game to 1080p, but bumps the framerate to 120fps.


Performance outputs the game at 4k and runs at a locked 60 fps. Resolution mode also runs the game at 4k, but boosts the graphical settings up considerably.

While in resolution mode, Descenders has improved foliage, terrain and shadow quality. Draw distances are also increased alongside better options blur, SSAO and anti-aliasing.

On the Xbox Series S, players have a choice between a performance mode that runs the game in 1080p resolution at 60fps or resolution which outputs at 1440p while running between 40-60fps.

1080p,1440p and 4K all refer to the size of an image displayed by a console or TV screen. The bigger the image is, the more detailed video games will appear to the naked eye.

Frames per second, or FPS for short, refers to how many times the image is refreshed per second. If a game is running at 60fps, the image you see on the screen is refreshed sixty times during that second. The higher this number is, the smoother gameplay will feel.


Descenders. Credit: RageSquid

Developer Ragesquid also increased the online lobby player limit from 4 to 8. Xbox Series S/X players can also now matahmake with PC players online via crossplay.

The next-gen upgrade is free to owners of the game on Xbox One. Those playing Descenders on Xbox Game Pass can also upgrade the game for free.

Descenders originally launched in 2018 on Steam’s Early Access program. It has since launched on numerous consoles, including the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch.

Elsewhere, TinyBuild acquired indie developer DogHelm this week for £4.5million (6.5million).

DogHelm was the team responsible behind Streets Of Rogue, a 2D action-centric roguelike that released in 2017. The one-person developer will now work at TinyBuild where he will continue development on the sequel to Streets of Rogue.

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