‘Destiny 2’ just disabled all heavy grenade launchers due to a bug

The weapon archetype was doing increased damage of up to 150 per cent

Destiny 2 launched Season Of The Plunder on August 23, and heavy grenade launchers are already broken in-game leading to them being disabled.

Heavy grenade launchers are doing “more damage than intended” according to Bungie, and have been disabled with only a small handful of exceptions. Grenade launchers that are sunset in the game, meaning they no longer drop and cannot be infused up to current light levels, have not been disabled, as well as Salvation’s Grip and Parasite. Grenade launchers with “uncommon” rarity have also not been affected, meaning weapons with a green background in-game.

Whilst grenade launchers were buffed in the latest patch, some were doing much more than the promised ten per cent damage, with numbers of up to a 150 per cent increase being noticed by players. Destiny 2 streamer Aztecross was amongst the first to notice the high damage output being caused by the weapon archetype, and made a video in order to break it down for others.


With the reprised King’s Fall raid returning tomorrow (August 26), players will be keen for Bungie to get the bug fixed so that valuable heavy grenade launchers such as Anarchy are available to lay mountains of damage into Oryx, The Taken King.

The World’s First race is a competitive event amongst Destiny 2 fireteams to see who can be the first to complete a raid once it’s added into the game, and understandably Bungie wants this to be a fair occasion – so it’s reasonable to expect that if they can’t find a fix in time, heavy grenade launchers are off the cards for the King’s Fall race.

Grenade launchers are far from the only thing bugged in Season 18, as Titans’ new arc thruster dash could be combined with the Icefall Mantle Exotic gauntlets in order to initiate an infinite glitch, and were subsequently taken offline. Players are also reporting issues with properly recording progress in new quests, as well as currency not being awarded.

In other news, last night at Gamescom, a new hybrid rhythm-fighting game was announced in the form of God Of Rock.