‘Destiny 2’ PC performance improved with latest update

Bungie has said it is “optimistic about the future”

Bungie has announced that Destiny 2’s most recent update includes performance improvements that aim to bring the PC version close to where it was before Beyond Light.

The information was detailed in a blog post from yesterday (June 3), and talks about what the newest Hotfix ( has done to increase PC performance. It reads: “Today, the game’s performance is close to what it was before Beyond Light for some PC configurations.”

“Because of the difficulty in predicting how much each change will improve performance, we’ve been reluctant to promise a fix, even though we are making regular performance optimizations.”


Destiny 2. Credit: Bungie.

The post goes on to say that Bungie will continue working on these problems and that it is “optimistic about the future”. According to the post testing is difficult because of the different hardware, software and in-game setting options on PC, and working from home has meant Bungie don’t have access to its PC compatibility lab which allows for in-depth testing.

The post continues:  “What this means in practice is that we make optimizations that seem effective based on our internal tests, but we don’t know if they’ll be helpful more widely until we receive feedback from the labs at external partners (such as AMD) or from you when you play the game.”

Whilst there are some performance improvements across the board, converging factors mean that PC performance updates for Destiny 2 are still going to take time as the team works from home. Full information can be found on the latest Destiny 2 blog post.

The update from Bungie also includes some changes that will help photosensitive players. An in-game notice now pops up warning players about potential photosensitive imagery, and they are working on a permanent notice as part of the End User License Agreement and to the sell text for online stores.



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