‘Destruction AllStars’ will add bots online to keep numbers steady

The game launched exclusively on PS5 earlier this year

Sony‘s exclusive vehicular combat game Destruction AllStars will soon add bots to keep player numbers up outside of peak times.

Developer Lucid Games posted on Reddit yesterday (May 29), and announced a number of changes coming to the game.

Destruction AllStars will introduce online bots in a future update, alongside global parties and new playlist features.


The Reddit update also featured the team’s reasoning behind adding bots: “With a community the size of Destruction AllStars, spread out across the world we do have peak times and low times of player activity for online matchmaking.”

Destruction Allstars Gameplay Screenshot
Destruction Allstars Credit: Lucid Games

The game’s peak playing hours are UTC 4pm-10pm on weekdays and UTC 2pm-1am on weekends. UTC or Coordinated Universal Time is one hour behind British Summer Time, so peak times in the UK are similar to those in UTC.

Those playing Destruction AllStars outside of peak playing hours may struggle to find a full lobby.

Lucid Games also confirmed that it would not add bots to Blitz, which is Destruction AllStars’ competitive playlist.

Sony announced Destruction Allstars in June 2020, revealing it as a PS5 launch title. Developers Lucid Games announced the game would be delayed a month before the PS5 launched.


Following the delay, Sony announced the game would release for free to Playstation Plus subscribers for the first two months of release.

Elsewhere, it was confirmed this week that a sequel to Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is in development, according to information from publisher 505 Games.

The information comes from a fiscal year 2020/2021 presentation from 505 Games, which had a slide stating that the game has a “second version in development”.

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