‘Destruction AllStars’ developer has reiterated its commitment to the game

Lucid Games is “still determined to keep on pushing forward”

Lucid Games is still committed to its 2021 vehicular combat multiplayer game Destruction AllStars, despite its underwhelming launch and low player count. 

A post on the official Destruction AllStars Twitter account talks about how the developer has “put so much work in to the game from feedback and talking with our players over the last few months.” The Tweet also acknowledges the game’s “rocky start”, but claims “we’re getting in our stride.”


The post closes by stating the team is “still determined to keep on pushing forward” with there still being more to come in the future.

The game is currently hosting its Rise Event until August 10, which includes the RISE AllStar Pass, TwinkleRiot’s story mode, additional store content, and more to come in the future. The game has also been included as part of the recent PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium subscription services.

Destruction AllStars launched exclusively for PlayStation 5 at a reduced price and as part of the February 2021 PlayStation Plus giveaways, yet despite this was unable to gain much of a dedicated audience. On May 29, just a few months after the game’s launch, Lucid Games announced via a Reddit post that it’d be adding bots to the game in a future update to bolster the player count.

Destruction Allstars Gameplay Screenshot
Destruction Allstars Credit: Lucid Games

It’s been previously claimed that Lucid Games could’ve been working on a new entry in the dormant Twisted Metal franchise, although a recent report has indicated that Firesprite would be taking reigns of the project instead. At the time of publication there’s no official confirmation of a new Twisted Metal title being in development.

In other news, an extremely dedicated fan recently bought enough to Nintendo stocks to ask about the future of the acclaimed F-Zero racing franchise during an annual shareholder meeting.

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