Devolver Digital announce the return of the Devolver Direct for E3

They're also teasing Hotline Miami 3

Devolver Digital has confirmed its E3 attendance, promising a return of host Nina Struthers.

The indie game publisher has confirmed its attendance at E3 with a tweet saying “The future begins again on June 12” with an attached picture of the show’s long-term host Nina Struthers (actress Mahria Zook).


Devolver Digital’s high energy and often bizarre ‘Devolver Direct’ first happened in 2017, and has been a staple of E3 since, combining surrealist comedy with announcements of indie titles such as Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, Shadow Warrior 3Weird West and Disc Room.

Eagle-eyed fans have already spotted that the whiteboard in the background has teased the appearance of Hotline Miami 3, though Devolver are known to play with expectations. If it does make a showing, it would be the first showing of the cult hit franchise since 2015’s Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.

Devolver Digital’s most popular release in recent years has been Fall Guys, which has recently collaborated with Bomberman, seeing the titular character appear in Fall Guys as a skin, and the Fall Guys beans appear in online multiplayer game Super Bomberman R Online as a Bean “Bomber”

There are plenty of other publishers and developers attending E3 this year. Nintendo has recently announced the date of its Nintendo Direct, and has promised roughly 40 minutes of news about upcoming Switch titles.


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