‘Diablo 4’ fans claim a cutscene is breaking their graphics cards

"My GPU is dead"

Diablo 4 players have claimed that the game’s recent beta has caused their RTX 3080 Ti graphics cards to break.

As reported by PC Gamer, a number of Diablo 4 fans have reported their RTX 3080 Ti cards breaking while playing the game.

“While playing Diablo for about 20 minutes, during a cutscene in the chapel, my monitors turned off,” reads one post. “Had to restart my PC and motherboard is now posting error code 97. Nothing is working. My GPU is dead.”


Several players in this forum post have also claimed that their RTX 3080 Ti also caused their computer to crash during the cutscene where Lilith converts a small village’s chapel congregation into serving her.

While most reports claim to only experience PC crashes, others – like this post – also state their graphics card has been destroyed by the game.

Diablo 4. Credit: Blizzard Entertainment.
Diablo 4. Credit: Blizzard Entertainment.

“I got to the church where the flashback scene plays then fans on my GPU went to max, all three monitors went black and I then killed the power. Smelled that burnt electronics smell,” wrote one player.

“Waited a bit then tried to power back on and monitors stayed black. After a bit killed power popped open my case tried to power back on. MOBO has post error lights and shows a solid white, which means error with video card. My Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3080TI is dead in the water.”

While numerous reports from players suggest there is indeed an issue, it’s possible that Diablo 4 is merely triggering an existing issue with the cards themselves.


In 2021, fans of Amazon Games‘ MMO New World claimed that the game was destroying their 3090 cards — but the reality was that “poor workmanship” was to blame for the affected batch.

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