‘Diablo Immortal’ battle pass bug making players miss out on XP

Some players aren't receiving XP despite levelling up in the battle pass

Diablo Immortal players are missing out on millions of XP due to a battle pass bug.

Despite a hotfix already being implemented by Blizzard, many players are experiencing issues where they aren’t receiving any XP as they continue to level up through the battle pass (via, PC GamesN).

Some players have explained on the official Reddit that they are missing out on around five million XP in total since the bug began affecting the battle pass.


“I just leveled my Battle Pass up after the weekly reset and I did not receive any XP for doing so,” said one player. “This is at least the third level that I have not received any XP for now. This is such a major bug and it is incredibly disappointing Blizzard has not corrected it yet.”

Diablo Immortal character
Diablo: Immortal CREDIT: Activision Blizzard

More players in the Reddit thread have also confirmed that they are experiencing the same issue, with one user claiming that they’ve received no XP despite levelling up two battle pass levels.

“After today’s reset, I completed bounties and finished a battle pass rank,” said another user. “The XP animation played but the XP bar did not increase at all.” Another said that they lost more XP this week “3 mill last week and 2 mill this week.”

There are plenty of other players who have experienced the same bug, and it’s causing a problem in Diablo Immortal‘s levelling process since the battle pass supplies massive amounts of XP.

On July 24, a Blizzard community lead shared a post on Reddit explaining that the studio is aware of the bug and was issuing a hotfix. However, as of July 25, while some players are stating the issue is resolved, some are still reporting the bug to be present in the game.


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