Blizzard says first ‘Diablo: Immortal’ update is a “few weeks” away

Players are getting impatient with the game's lack of updates

Blizzard has announced that Diablo: Immortal’s first update is a “few weeks” away, through a Reddit comment by Diablo community lead Adam Fletcher.

In a Reddit post regarding the lack of updates Diablo: Immortal has received since its launch earlier this month, Fletcher stepped in to update players on the team’s upcoming plans.

“We will have our first update here in the next few weeks as we get to the tail end of the current battle pass,” shared Fletcher, who added that Blizzard “will detail out some of our content cadence in the post. Expectations for the next update will focus in on the BP as well as some features, fixes, and etc.”


While this update likely won’t feature substantial new content, Fletcher said future updates will have gameplay and story content included.

Diablo: Immortal is notably lacking in end-game content and the campaign is quite short, so dedicated grinders who have already reached this point have little to do besides grinding for gear, something which is sped up by spending money.

While Diablo Immortal is a commercial success, the game has not been well-received by its wider community, becoming the game with the lowest-ever user score on Metacritic. Players have raised concerns about punishing hidden mechanics which are present in the game that target free players and one streamer spent over £13,000 to test the limit of how abysmal the drop rates are.

Recently, the game’s Chinese release was delayed pending optimisations, according to the studio.

In other news, Headcannon founder Simon ‘Stealth’ Thomley has shared that his team is “very unhappy” with Sonic Origins, which the studio worked on. Thomley claims that although Headcannon made “mistakes”, some bugs have been caused by Sega making “major modifications” to the build he submitted.