‘Diablo: Immortal’ receives launch “roadmap to hell”

Diablo Immortal releases on June 2

Activision Blizzard has released a “launch roadmap” for Diablo: Immortal in order to ensure a smooth launch for players.

The mobile version will begin to appear on the Apple App Store and Play Store on the morning of June 1 ahead of the official launch on June 2. According to Blizzard, this is due to the “nature of how mobile games launch” and to ensure a “smooth full launch”.

The MMORPG will be launching at 6pm on June 2 in the United Kingdom. Some Asia-Pacific regions will not be getting Diablo: Immortal until later. Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macao, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand will not be getting Diablo: Immortal in their region until June 22. Vietnam is also receiving the game on this date but only the PC open beta, not the mobile version.


While they will have to wait, these regions are receiving their own dedicated servers for better ping and connectivity purposes. Players planning on playing Diablo: Immortal on PC can now pre-load the game before launch. In the FAQ section of their launch roadmap, Blizzard confirms that progress made during the PC’s beta period will be maintained following its full launch.

In their blog post, Blizzard affirmed that customer support will be widely available on launch day. At the conclusion of the post, Blizzard thanked players who provided feedback during development:

“We cannot begin to express how excited we are for you to soon begin your quest in Diablo Immortal. With that said, we would like to thank the multitude of players who provided crucial feedback throughout Diablo Immortal’s development, much of which influenced the very game you will play on June 2.”

Diablo: Immortal will launch on June 2 for iOS, Android and in open beta on PC.

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