‘Disco Elysium’ studio making a sci-fi title according to job listings

ZA/UM is hiring for a number of roles

A number of job listings for the developer behind the critically acclaimed Disco Elysium may indicate the direction of the studio’s next game.

Studio ZA/UM currently has a number of jobs listed on its website, some of which provide small looks into the type of project the developer could be working on next (via PC Gamer).

An open position for an Environment Concept Artist posted on July 26 requires strong painting skills, the “creation of non-earth environments”, with bonuses being “an understanding of architecture or city planning and a “love of sci-fi and video games.”


Meanwhile, a Lead Environment Artist role, that adds experience with Unreal Engine 4 and 5 is a requirement, states that a bonus for the role would be if a candidate understands “parametric and procedural content.”

Disco Elysium. Credit: ZA/UM.

This appears to refer to the creation of assets and tools that can be reused, and combined in different ways to make the workload of things like animations and environments easier to manage.

Lastly, ZA/UM is looking for a Sales and Monetisation Specialist. This role will help the studio to “maximise and diversify revenue streams for full game, add-on and live services content” whilst also focusing on advertising, storefronts, promotions, and helping the team reach its monetisation targets.

None of these roles provide any proper concrete evidence of what ZA/UM’s next game will be about, and especially not how or if it will in fact include live service content in the next project. That said, they may indicate the type of experience and world featured in the next game after Disco Elysium.

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