‘Disintegration’ to remove multiplayer support three months after launch

The feature will be removed completely by November 17

Video game developer V1 Interactive has announced that it will be removing multiplayer support from its FPS game, Disintegration.

The developer announced the feature’s removal via a new post on the Disintegration website. It is set to be phased out “over the coming months, starting today (September 18) with the removal of the in-game store, and will conclude on November 17th with the full removal of multiplayer”.

V1 Interactive explained its decision, saying that “while our player base showed interest in the single player campaign, the game unfortunately struggled to build a significant audience necessary for a compelling multiplayer experience.” It added that the decision to cease multiplayer support only came after “weighing options”.


However, the single-player aspect of Disintegration will “remain fully playable moving forward”. The Game launched on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 15, but was met with mixed reception from critics and players alike, including a two-star review from Jason Coles for NME.

Since its release, the multiplayer portion of Disintegration’s gameplay has failed to garner an audience, with V1 Interactive acknowledging that it took a risk that ultimately did not pay off. “We believe the video game industry needs constant innovation, and we will continue to take risks, follow creative visions and support new ideas,” V1 Interactive added.

In other multiplayer gaming news, Activision has reportedly begun working on a mobile port of the Call Of Duty franchise’s wildly popular battle royale, Warzone. The news first came to light via a now-“filled” job listing on Activision’s website.

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