Dodgeball hit ‘Knockout City’ surpasses five million players in two weeks

If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball

Knockout City has racked up five million players within two weeks of launch.

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The team-based competitive multiplayer hit the milestone today (via Twitter) after originally launching on May 21, 2021. The project is a joint collaboration between Velan Studios – best known for working on Mario Kart Live Home Circuit with Nintendo last year – and EA under its ‘Originals label’.


Taking heavy influence from the real-life game of dodgeball, player’s must attack enemies from opposition teams by knocking them out with a ball. However, you are able to dodge or catch the ball, both of which play vital parts in the overall strategy of the title.

“Thank you, brawlers, for making the Knockout City game launch and Block Party an amazing 10-day event that surpassed expectations! This party was unforgettable in many ways, and we’re so excited to see the support and positivity pouring in from you, our community!” wrote the developer in a blog post on EA’s website.

“Since launch, we’ve seen five million new brawlers join us in matches, there’s been amazing – and unexpected – gameplay, hundreds of thousands of Crews were formed, over half a billion KOs landed, millions of hours of gameplay were watched, and – dare we say it? – thousands of friendships were made along the way. Who knew you could bond over hitting one another in the face with a dodgeball?”

Knockout City is available to download across Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One X/S and PC.

Last week, EA confirmed that Knockout City players will be able to reach Street Level 25 for free before being forced to pay for the full experience to continue.


More recently though, EA hired former Call Of Duty manager to help grow its Battlefield franchise.

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