Doja Cat modded ‘The Sims’ into a game with drug kingpins

Ah, the beauty of mods

Doja Cat has revealed that she modded The Sims so much that her Sims became drug kingpins.

This comes from a recent Rolling Stone interview, where amongst stories of her music career was an anecdote about her time with The Sims. According to her, she “fucked that game up so badly, like exponentially” with way too many mods, so much so that her characters started a life of crime.

“They had massive bags this big, just displayed around the house, like displayed on shelves and shit, I made a trap house one time, which was really cute,” she continued.


The Sims 4
The Sims 4. Credit: EA

“There were Solo cups all over the place and, like, an Xbox and giant piles of money everywhere. And there was a basement with a grow room and shit, and red LED lights. I was so proud of it.”

Basemental Drugs appears to be one such mod, although we can’t confirm if this, or one like it, was the mod Doja Cat used. And after downloading the mod, it looks like all you need to do “to start buying drugs from the drug dealer you just made you need to befriend him/her,” according to the website. “The higher friendship level the better prices you’ll get and the more buying options, as well as higher quality drugs, you will have access to.”

In other news, the upcoming Clownfield 2042 looks to parody the work in Battlefield 2042 when it releases at the end of the year. In the game, each map will have a tornado that terrorises it, and the Steam page adds that it has “plenty of bugs. We’ll let you enjoy them as is; and instead of fixing them, we’ll just release some new skins.”