Don’t play ‘GTA Online’ on PC until this critical security issue is fixed

Hackers could be using a security flaw to activate malware

Update: Rockstar Games has issued a patch that improves the network security of GTA Online, and says an issue causing players to have their experience modified by a third-party has been fixed.

Original story:

PC players of GTA Online have been warned to stay away from the game for the time being amid an ongoing security issue.


According to an online subreddit, it is being reported that modders are using an exploit that allows them to take away a player’s rank and in-game money, as well as completely reset their account’s progress.

Account Tez2, which has been sharing evidence of the flaw, also reports that the modders may be able to ‘corrupt’ accounts to the point where they could be banned from online play altogether.

Developer Speyedr, who is behind the custom GTA 5 firewall tool Guardian, also claims that hackers could be on the cusp of remote code execution via GTA Online, which could give them access to activate malware on PCs which are running the game.

Ken Block tribute in GTA Online. CREDIT: Reddit

The Guardian tool could potentially protect users from the hack, though it’s being advised that players avoid the game altogether for the time being.

Users have been sharing evidence online, and Tez2 reports that developer Rockstar are aware of the issue.


The user also suggests that those who have had their accounts corrupted should delete their “Rockstar Games” folder from their Documents, and reload the game to refresh profile data.

Meanwhile, earlier this month Rockstar added the Gun Van – a mobile black market selling “top-of-the-line” weapons including the futuristic railgun – to GTA Online.

The company said that it will feature a “weekly rotating inventory” offering players a chance to grab “top-of-the-line weapons, ammunition, and armour”.

Items sold through the Gun Van are also cheaper than usual, and will not have any rank requirement attached to them, while Gun Van has also introduced the railgun to GTA Online.

NME has reached out to Rockstar Games regarding the reported security issue.

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