‘Doom Fighters’ lets you smash your way out of hell

Get up close and personal with your demons in this 'Doom 2' mod

Doom Fighters is an upcoming Doom 2 mod that turns the FPS classic into a third-person beat-’em-up.

As initially spotted by PCGamer, this mod switches shotguns for fisticuffs, and rocket jumps with the ability to swing your enemies into one another. The mod removes the camera from Doomguy’s chest and places it behind him so that you can watch as he sends enemies flying with hard punches.

The mod doesn’t leave you completely empty-handed, however, that would just be unfair. You can find Crucible swords from Doom Eternal scattered through hell which Doomguy can wield to devastating effect as it cuts through demons like a hot knife through butter.


Shooting demons to death in Doom has always been fun, but modder Edy Pagaza has added some real flair to the combat in Doom Fighters. Streaks of colour flash out from enemies and retro brawler sound effects play when you deliver swift jabs to their heads. The demons explode satisfyingly into pools of red good as you fight your way through them.

As well as punching and swinging a huge sword about, Doomguy has some tricks up his rolled-up sleeves. One move in the trailer shows him jump into the air, do a somersault, and then slam down into the ground, killing and knocking back all the demons around him.

id Software has also teased fans with an aptly titled 6.66 update for Doom Eternal. It’s set to launch sometime this autumn and will add a horde mode.

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