‘Dota 2’ update adds an item that turns players into pigs

The item drops from neutral creeps

A new update for Valve’s Dota 2 has added several items, one of which turns players into pigs temporarily.

Dota 2’s new item is called the Pig Pole. It is a tier-one neutral item. This means that it can drop from any neutral creep that is killed and cannot be sold. When equipped, the pig pole will give a plus six bonus to all stats. Most importantly, it comes with an active ability called “Pig, out!”. This ability turns the item owner into a pig for four seconds and provides a ten per cent movement boost. The ability has a cooldown of ten seconds.

Another neutral item that has been added is the Tumbler’s Toy, which appears to be a hobby horse. The item gives a bonus of 200 mana and, when activated, allows players to propel themselves forward. The item has a 30-second cooldown when used and has a three-second cooldown when the player received damage from another player.


One existing Dota 2 item that has received several changes is the Helm Of The Overlord. The item now requires a different recipe to craft, with the total component cost increasing by 50 gold. The helm gives plus eight to bonus stats instead of the previous 20 and can dominate only one creep. The creep received more bonuses than it previously did. The helm also gives a bonus aura now that increases several stats.

The 7.30 update is large and contains many hero updates. The full details are available in Valve’s patch notes. Highlights include changes to Abaddon, who has had their strength reduced slightly but received extra range for their Aphotic Shield ability.

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