‘Dota 2’’s next battle pass is coming “in the next few weeks”

“We've got a special conundrum cooking and we can't wait to share it”

Dota 2 developers have confirmed they’ve almost finished work on the next battle pass, saying it’s “due out in the next few weeks.”

In a blog post, Valve devs have said they’re “putting the finishing touches on the next Battle Pass, which is due out in the next few weeks. We’ve got a special conundrum cooking and we can’t wait to share it.”

Next week, Dota 2’s Pro Circuit season kicks off. Featuring competitions between regional leagues, the season will culminate in the Winter Major tournament, the first of three contests leading up to The International 2022.


To make things fun for all players though, Valve is bringing Fantasy play to the wider Pro Circuit. Similar to fantasy football, the contest will let players build a team of professional players and score points on how well they do.

Specifics of how to play can be found on the Dota 2 website, but there are some impressive prizes up for grabs – check them out below:

  • The top 10 per cent scoring Fantasy Teams for the period receive 3 Fantasy Levels.
  • The top 25 per cent scoring Fantasy Teams for the period receive 2 Fantasy Levels.
  • The top 50 per cent scoring Fantasy Teams for the period receive 1 Fantasy Levels.
  • Every third fantasy level, players will receive one DPC Winter 2022 Tour treasure (to be granted later).
  • At every other level, players receive 500 shards.

Watch the tournament here.

Last month, Valve confirmed that Marci, best known for her debut in the Dota: Dragon’s Blood animated spin-off show, would be joining Dota 2. “Some loyalties transcend barriers. Unleash the dauntless strength of Marci this fall as she powers her way from Dota: Dragon’s Blood to the battle of the Ancients in Dota 2,” the video description reads.


In the animated show, Marci is the close ally and companion to Mirana the archer and uses sign language to communicate. With Marci now making her way to the popular MOBA, it’s a possibility that other characters from the Netflix show could also make their debut in the future.

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