Dr Disrespect destroys controller after ‘Halo Infinite’ aim assist lets him down

The streamer, who previously criticised aim assist as "a version of hacks", smashed his controller after not getting enough help from the feature

Streamer Dr Disrespect has destroyed his own controller, after running into an issue with aim assist in Halo Infinite.

As reported by Dexerto, Dr Disrespect smashed up his own controller while streaming Halo Infinite earlier in the week.

After being killed by an enemy player in Halo Infinite, the streamer threw his controller off the ground and, in response to not getting enough help from aim assist, shouted “I got none! Fuck, none at all! No fucking aim assist”.


Dr Disrespect then picked up his controller and tried to put it back together, seemingly pressing multiple buttons to no effect, which suggests the moment of anger broke his controller completely.

He then expressed upset with the technical issues he has experienced while playing Halo Infinite, and says he has not seen the “polished, flawless game” he was expecting.

“As good as Halo Infinite comes off to be, there’s a lot of little things that are adding up,” he explained.

“It feels like I complained all stream today. I don’t like complaining, but it’s like, they had seven years on this, and we’re still getting [bugs]? I like the game, I love it. When it’s clicking, it feels so good, but all the disconnects, aim assist problems. I’ve been thinking that maybe my expectations were too high.”

Back in October, Dr Disrespect labelled aim assist “a version of hacks” after being killed by a controller-wielding player in Call Of Duty: Warzone.


In other news, The Roblox Corporation has filed a £1.2million lawsuit with a long-time troll, who the company says was responsible for “terrorist threats” and more. Benjamin “Ruben Sim” Simon has reportedly been harassing members of the Roblox community for years, and last month caused the police to briefly close the Roblox Developers Conference.

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