‘Draft Of Darkness’ looks like the perfect indie pixel horror game

Launching via Steam Early Access on July 30th

Survival horror lo-fi indie title Draft Of Darkness has been getting a lot of attention ahead of its upcoming release, with many comparing it to the Resident Evil series. 

Developed by Istanbul-based solo indie game developer Crawly Games, Draft Of Darkness is described as an experimental horror game with gameplay focused on death.

While card-based, the top-down perspective and pixel style is very reminiscent of early PlayStation titles, looking like something that wouldn’t seem out of place as a spinoff to Resident Evil. Who knows, potentially this might inspire Capcom to experiment with the series a little more.


You can check out an early access trailer for Draft Of Darkness below:

Draft Of Darkness is a survival horror deck builder with roguelike dungeon exploration. Recruit allies, synergise their decks to create powerful card combos, manage your resources, explore procedurally generated maps and determine the outcome of the story,” reads the game description.

Draft Of Darkness will release in Steam Early Access on July 30th, 2021. Anyone looking to add the game to their Wishlist for PC can do so by heading over the official Steam page.

According to that Steam page, the game is in Early Access because the developer would “like to involve community feedback on extending the game’s mechanics and content until everybody is satisfied with how Draft Of Darkness turns out.”

More content will hopefully be added during Early Access to increase the longevity, with it lasting for six months to a year.


Keeping with Resident Evil-related content, Capcom revealed that it needed to build two sets for Resident Evil Village, one at regular human size, and the other set to the size of Lady Dimitrescu.

The studio also confirmed that Resident Evil Village had officially shipped over 4.5 million units since launching in May.

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