‘Dreams’ update makes it easier than ever to create levels

Hey now, hey now, this is what Dreams are made of

An update to Media Molecule’s Dreams has added a new third-person dungeon crawler made by Media Molecule and has made it easier to create levels.

According to a post by Media Molecule’s Editorial Manager Jen Simpkins:

Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale is a third-person dungeon crawler made by Media Molecule and designed to test the skills of only the bravest adventurers. Whether you’re after frantic combat against strange and silly foes, puzzles to tickle your brain cells, or a showdown against a dragon with huge teeth (and an even bigger ego), Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale has you covered.”


Also included in this update is a new set of creation tools that makes it easier to create certain types of games within Dreams. 

“The new version of DreamShaping includes handy game templates and brand-new elements for making a 2D platformer, a dungeon crawler, a side-scrolling shoot-’em-up, mini golf and more besides – including a dedicated template for Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale, which features a huge kit for your creative delectation.”

The UI for DreamShaping has also changed, making it easier for creators to select certain tools when making their levels.

“On the new Start Creating screen, you’ll be able to access the overview page for each template. We’ve indicated the difficulty of each template (and in some cases the parts within each template) for varying experience levels. Beginner templates are all about letting you get comfy with creating by letting you simply stamp in elements, medium-difficulty templates introduce the idea of wiring things together, and more advanced templates cover techniques such as how to optimise your game.”

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