‘Dune: Spice Wars’ reveals the Smugglers faction

Lead the Smugglers as they strive to become a House

Shiro Games has revealed a new faction arriving in Dune: Spice Wars, the Smugglers, who trade spice and infiltrate other house settlements.

While the Smugglers are not a full-fledged house like many of their adversaries, they have dreams of becoming one by amassing power, influence, and wealth. As such, they have their own army and form an interesting playable faction in Dune: Spice Wars.

Shiro Games provided details of the faction in a Steam post. “The smugglers manage their own territory, with an armed force and some political influence. Their agents have their hands in the dealings of every planet, influencing public policies and trade everywhere.


“After all, secretly, the ultimate goal of the Smugglers is to one day reach a state where their family will rise to become a Landsraad house in their own right.”

Dune: Spice Wars
Dune: Spice Wars. Credit: Shiro Games.

The Smugglers are led by Esmar Tuek, a respected smuggler and skilful spymaster. The faction will start near the polar region of Arrakis and are likely to encounter other factions quickly. However, this is to their advantage, as they have a unique ability to infiltrate villages and gain profit from their infrastructure.

In combat, the Smugglers are the best in Dune: Spice Wars when it comes to long-term fights and ambushes. When in a fight, Smuggler units will be able to reduce enemy supplies and starve them out of a battle. They can also perform devastating attacks on enemies returning to their base after a fight, as they will already be low on resources.

Last month, Dune: Spice Wars’ House Harkonnen was detailed. The faction revolves around using underhanded tactics and outright violence to get what it wants. Their force is made up primarily of expendable and fanatical soldiers.


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