‘Dying Light 2’ designer jokes about DLC taking players to space

“That would maybe happen in year three or four,” Smektała said jokingly

Dying Light 2 lead designer Tymon Smektała has joked about where the game’s downloadable content could take the player.

During an interview with VG247 published yesterday (June 1), Techland developer Smektała was asked if the sequel’s DLC will be as out there as the previous game.

“Don’t expect that [the DLC] will take you to space or something like that. That would maybe happen in year three or four,” joked Smektała.


“Our PR lady is looking at me funny for saying this because in other interviews I’ve said something hypothetically about Dying Light 3, but the news headlines were ‘Dying Light 3 confirmed’, so I’m not confirming that we will take players to space or take players to Atlantis,” he added.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human
Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Credit: Techland

Back in May Smektała said that if Techland were to make Dying Light 3 the studio would strive to make the player feel more powerful from the start of the game.

“For DLC one and two they are different locations, but they’re all within the same universe, the same headspace,” continued Smektała. “They are connected to what’s happening in the city and start in the city of Villedor, it’s all broadly the same area. Those are new locations.”

When asked about what players can expect Dying Light 2 to look like by the time the five years of content has rolled around, Smektała remained fairly tight-lipped about it:

“I think in those five years the game will have grown to be really huge. I think that’s all I can reveal at this point. The game will definitely grow to get more locations and more content but it’s too early to talk about specifics. We don’t want to promise something and then it takes on a new life of its own and gets taken out of context.”


In other news, the PlayStation Plus titles for June have been revealed, and they include 2018’s God Of War reboot.

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