‘Dying Light 2’ details revealed in a new AMA video

Players will need to craft their own weapons to survive

Techland have released the first in a series of videos for Dying Light 2 that answer fan questions about the long-awaited sequel.

Lead game designer Tymon Smektała responded to questions from fans – and his answers revealed the size of the map, the types of infected players might face, and whether firearms can be found.

Firstly, Smektała attempted to convey the size of the map, saying: “it’s about double the size of all of the maps from the original Dying Light combined.


“You just take the slums, you take the old town, you combine them and you double the number that’s roughly the size of the game space in Dying Light 2.”

Smektała also mentioned that the size of the map didn’t take into consideration the verticality on offer, a statement that mirrored comments by Łukasz Burdka, Senior Technology Programme, who had hinted previously that map would be around four times bigger than those in the original game.

Fans also asked about the type of guns that would be available in Dying Light 2. Smektała said: “there will be ranged weapons, bows and something extra…”

He went on to explain that players would be able to craft a “handmade shotgun” with materials they can find around the world and use it in conjunction with melee weapons.

Finally, Smektała talked about the various levels of decisions players will be able to make during the game, from the overarching choices that affect the main story and the choices players make within side quests, to the choices that affect the city alignment system.


“For example, if you play with the peacekeepers,” explained Smektała, “they start installing so-called combat helpers, combat traps that you can use while fighting with bandits and infected”.

The full video is available below and contains more information on what vehicles players can expect as well as changes to infected behaviour and what regions make up Dying Light 2‘s map.

Earlier this year, Dying Light 2‘s lead writer Pawel Selinger left developer Techland after working with the company for 22 years.

In his announcement, Selinger expressed his gratitude to the company for his time over the years and that he will always be “rooting” for it, hoping Dying Light 2 becomes a worldwide hit.