‘Dying Light 2’ has a fully rideable bicycle hidden away in the game

Using a developer menu uncovers it

Dying Light 2 has a hidden but fully rideable bicycle located within a sneaky developer menu.

The news comes via a Reddit user, Taki 7o7, who shared the news on the Dying Light subreddit as well as YouTube.

As the video below shows, the bike appears to be fully implemented in-game but there does not appear to be a regular way of acquiring it.


Instead, the bike is unlocked via a Dying Light 2 developer menu which can be downloaded via NexusMods. That means the bike is only available for PC users rather than console players.

Taki 7o7 has demonstrated that the bicycle works just as one would expect so it is unclear why it’s not part of the game. It may be due to the game focusing on parkour rather than bike riding but that’s purely guess work.

The developer menu adds other features like a cheats menu and the ability to manipulate much of the game world. It expands what players are able to do in-game quite substantially, but it’s for PC users only.

Another Dying Light 2 mod has also been recently released. The Extreme Nights 2 mod changes up how the day/night cycle works in-game and makes things much harder.

Currently, the game’s developer Techland is working on fixing co-op play issues in future patches. It is also looking at “problems with redeeming rewards”. Recently, Dying Light 2 gained a day one patch that aimed to fix over 1,000 issues.


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