‘Dying Light 2’ New Game Plus finally releasing this week

Update 1.3.0 will also add new parkour challenges

Techland has announced a release date for the highly-anticipated New Game Plus mode in Dying Light 2.

The launch of New Game Plus was confirmed during a Dying 2 Know stream from earlier today (April 25), and the feature will officially arrive with update 1.3.0 on April 27. This follows Techland saying in March that it was “seriously” considering adding New Game Plus to the game.

As requested by players, Dying Light 2’s New Game Plus will start the game again and carry-over skills and equipment while letting them make different story decisions. However, tools like the paraglider and grappling hook will need to be unlocked at their relevant points in the main story again.


Techland says it made this decision to not break the flow of the game, and keep intact how mechanics interact with the progression of the narrative. 30 new inhibitors will be added in the New Game Plus story as well, allowing players to maximise their health and stamina.

Co-op can still be done between players in New Game Plus and those on their first playthrough, with the only difference being that those on their first run through can’t collect the 30 new inhibitors.

Update 1.3.0 will also add new parkour challenges and “Platinum Medals” to each one, as Techland says it didn’t expect so many players to get the highest-ranked “Gold Medals” in the challenges when the game was released.

Dying Light 2
Dying Light 2. Credit: Techland

New Game Plus will arrive in patch three as Techland wanted to make sure that the game’s other major issues were addressed first.


Last week it was announced that Dying Light 2 sold 5million copies in its first month of sale, which means it has already sold a quarter of the original Dying Light’s 20million copies.

In other news, Ron Gilbert has said the upcoming Return To Monkey Island will include a hint system to stop players from using the internet when stuck.

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