‘Dying Light 2’ PC improvements include motion and distance blur

PC players will have a smoother experience

Techland has shared a number of PC fixes and improvements that have come to Dying Light 2 today with patch 1.0.6.

After releasing Dying Light 2 earlier in the month, developer Techland has been busy with fixes, as a day one patch came with over 1,000 fixes for the game. On those fixes, the team said that co-op and in-game redeeming fixes were at the top of the list.

Today (February 11) the official Dying Light Twitter account has listed a handful of fixes that have come to the game on PC. This includes video settings for motion blur and distance blur, a fix to co-op sessions ending in a death loop (although this may still happen for some), and a button in the death screen that spawns the player inside the mission area.


On top of that, there are general improvements to keyboard and mouse binding and the option to switch in-game voiceover between localised and the original voices. Numerous crashes have also been fixed alongside game stability as well.

Our review for Dying Light 2 was scored three out of five stars, with Jake Tucker saying “a marketing campaign promised the world but a production hamstrung by constant delays and shifts in key personnel has delivered a joyless game that lacks the spirit of exploration of its predecessor and strips out a lot of the joy.”

NME recently had the chance to sit down with Aiden Caldwell’s voice actor Jonah Scott, who talked about his dedication to the role and how it’s made his decade long year career come full circle.

“I really wanted to impress the producers of Techland. So in my idiocy or genius, either one, when I was doing these in-game efforts I would grab onto this bar and I would have the mic in front of me and I would actually hang from this clothing bar having real physical exertions,” said Scott.


In other news, Rainbow Six Siege bans totalled almost 170,000 in the last 18 months according to Ubisoft.