‘Dying Light 2’ story DLC and future updates detailed by Techland

Techland's new fantasy game is also mentioned

Dying Light 2 lead designer Tymon Smektała has revealed some new information about the game’s upcoming story downloadable content (DLC) and future updates.

In an interview with Wccftech (from April 28), Smektała said: “What I can say right now is that the first [DLC] runs parallel to the main story, so it can be started right after Aiden arrives in The City. Since it’s the first one out the gate, we didn’t want to force players to finish the game before they’d be able to have fun with it.”

When asked if the DLC will tie into the overall story, Smektała doesn’t get too specific, but he does note that “its story is centred around a specific place outside of the Villedor city limits. But of course, there will be some choices to make!”


Smektała also confirms that, like with the original game, the team won’t be afraid to get experimental with post-launch content. However, he’s understandably reluctant to get too specific, instead opting to share the team’s openness to accommodate the community based on their requests and interests.

Dying Light 2 combat screenshot
Dying Light 2. Credit: Techland

Co-op will also be making a return in certain gameplay modes, with some online-centric modes coming as early as this year and 2023.

When questioned about other Techland projects that could be released during Dying Light 2’s five-year content plan, Smektała isn’t shy about expressing his interest in their new intellectual property (IP).

“As a company, we have announced that we’re working on another game – a AAA open world in a fantasy setting. It’s being built by our Warsaw team, without any rush – building a completely new IP brick by brick. It has the potential to be an amazing game and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for it. Actually, I’d love to work on it.”

Dying Light 2’s first story DLC is set to release this June.


In other news, Sega reiterates that Sonic Frontiers is still releasing this year despite the lack of news.

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