‘Dying Light: Hellraid’ gets a free content drop including Story Mode and weapons

The devs promise a "narrative rich addition"

Dying Light: Hellraid will be getting a free content drop today that includes a story mode, new weapons, armour, and areas.

The update comes to all platforms today (June 7) and brings multiple enhancements to the dungeon-slasher game. Story Mode offers a “narrative rich addition” that allows players to explore new areas and meet new NPCs.

Three new quests will feature in Story Mode: Clavis Stone, Imprisoned, and Beneath Seals – all of which will be available in co-op. These quests also introduce “a fearsome new shield bearing skeleton enemy, that will require a fresh offensive strategy from players” to Dying Light: Hellraid.


This free content drop brings Dying Light: Hellraid its first-ever ranged weapon, an ornate bow named Corrupted Justice. A two-handed hammer is also being added, titled Bonecruncher, which can be used in these new quests and beyond.

Raid Mode will not be affected by Story Mode, and can still be played separately. The overall experience of Dying Light: Hellraid will be getting some base improvements, however, including changes to lighting and environmental audio.

The full patch notes were released on Steam earlier today.

The developers of Dying Light, Techland, have announced recently that the upcoming sequel Dying Light 2 will have a map four times bigger than the original game.

In other gaming news, No More Room In Hell 2 has got a new gore-filled trailer. The sequel to the 2011 Source mod is coming as a standalone game, and has released this trailer for MathChief’s Game Expo 2021, a YouTube-hosted showcase for indie titles.


The eight-player co-op experience will soon be coming to Steam Early Access.

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