EA admits ‘The Sims’ Summit “did not fairly represent” players

“You are right in your frustrations, and we let you down”

EA has issued a statement on Twitter acknowledging that its recent Behind The Sims Summit “did not fairly represent” players, and has promised to “do better moving forward”.

During the first ever Behind The Sims Summit event, EA gave a first look at its next Sims game, currently codenamed Project Rene, and shared future plans for The Sims 4. However, many members of The Sims’ community have voiced their disappointment that EA “did not fairly represent” players.

Content creator and streamer Ebonix first tweeted that there was not a single “Black simmer” in the reel, before correcting herself and noting that fellow creator Springsims was featured. “There was one,” she said, “But that was enough for me to feel like we not even present.”


Ebonix’s comments were reiterated by many other unhappy players, and EA has now tweeted a statement acknowledging the response. “Our creator segments during the Behind The Sims Summit did not fairly represent our vast community of players,” the developer said. “Black Simmers deserve to feel seen in all that we do at The Sims, so we’re holding ourselves accountable to this mistake and will do better moving forward.”

In a direct response to Ebonix’s tweets, EA also said, “You are right in your frustrations, and we let you down,” before concluding, “We owe it to you and each of our Black creators and players to make sure you are seen and celebrated for all that you bring to The Sims and The Sims community.”

In other news, Hellena Taylor, the original voice actress of Bayonetta, has issued a statement via a series of tweets in response to allegations that she is a “liar and gold digger.”

It comes after a prolonged public debate over fair wages for voice actors, which started when Taylor asked fans to “boycott” Bayonetta 3 after she was offered an “insulting” fee to reprise her role.