EA details over 40 improvements for ‘FIFA 2022’ alongside a new trailer

The company have been capturing 11x11 matches with professional footballers “resulting in the biggest animation refresh in FIFA history”

EA have revealed a new gameplay trailer for FIFA 2022 alongside an in-depth development blog detailing over 40 improvements the studio have made to the game.

Using Hypermotion Technology, EA have been hosting 11×11 football matches with professional players wearing new Xsens motion capture suits. This will apparently help improve the game’s tactical AI and has resulted in “the biggest animation refresh in FIFA history”.

Previous editions of FIFA have seen EA capture individual player movements for its in-game animation but this is the first time a whole team has been monitored in a high intensity, real game situation.


The data has provided over 4,000 new animations which will help “improve immersion by adding variety to the gameplay experience, including set pieces, shooting, skill moves, passes, player movement, player reactions, celebrations, controlling the ball, two-player headers, falls, getups, dribbling, animation idles, shoulder challenges, seal outs, and more.”

According to the development blog written by FIFA’s gameplay producer Thomas Caleffi, the studio “rewrote the intelligence and tactical approach of all 22 players on the pitch, emphasising their roles, personality, and teamwork. Players better understand their teammates and how to work together, and also better understand opponents’ tactics and movements.” Up to six times as many decisions are made in-game, per second.

According to EA, “our goal for Tactical AI is to ensure players have a balanced experience in terms of AI teammates.”

FIFA 2022 will “use real world ball data from football matches as a foundation for the ball physics.”

EA have also completely revamped Match Facts and Player Performance screens, explaining how “you are now equipped with more match data to help better understand how you and your players, as well as your opponents, are performing.”


FIFA 2022 releases October 1 2021 or PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch, though a majority of the improvements are designed for new generation consoles only.

It’s also been announced that FIFA 2022 Standard Edition will not include a free upgrade for next-gen consoles, with fans having to buy the Ultimate Edition instead.

In other news, big changes are occurring over on Football Manager with news that women’s football is coming to the iconic management simulator.