EA pledges to tackle racism among ‘FIFA’ players more firmly

“We have banned over 9000 accounts and issued over 25,000 warnings or suspensions”

Electronic Arts (EA) has vowed to take more action against racism within the FIFA 21 community.

A recent Eurogamer article brought to light that despite EA’s ongoing efforts to curb racism and any other form of toxicity within its games through the Positive Play Charter, the issues are still as prevalent as ever.

The most recent high-profile instance happened earlier this month, when a Pro Team player racially abused Arsenal legend Ian Wright. As a result, the player was slapped with a lifetime ban and a stern warning to the FIFA community that “there’s #NoRoomForRacism, anywhere”.


Eurogamer’s article listed several instances and examples of racism within the community that are flying under the radar through player-designed club and player names.

The racism problem isn’t only prevalent in the FIFA community, however. EA released a statement in February regarding racism in its NHL games and announced that new technology and tools are being implemented to combat offensive behaviour among players.

EA has also issued a statement to Eurogamer regarding the ongoing behavioural issue in FIFA. The studio shared that it filters “user-generated content in areas such as in-game chat and EA Account, player and team names, to block profane text that might be used to demean or harass”.

It also noted that through its Positive Play Charter, it is “focused on improving in-game reporting and moderation tools, along with a players’ ability to report any offensive content”.

EA made a point to reiterate that it has taken stern action against offensive players. “Since the launch of FIFA 21 we have banned over 9000 accounts and issued over 25,000 warnings or suspensions as a result of inappropriate or offensive content,” EA said.


The studio also confirmed that it will “address new challenges, including more intelligent monitoring and mitigation technology that will be released in the coming months”.

EA unveiled its Positive Play Charter in June last year as an “updated set of community guidelines with clear consequences for players who engage in racist, sexist, homophobic and abusive acts in our games and channels”.