EGX Birmingham has been postponed

EGX Birmingham will return in 2023

EGX Birmingham was supposed to take place in March, but has been delayed due to the effects of Omicron.

The information was shared via the official EGX Twitter account, which wrote: “Hey gamers, It is with a heavy heart that we must announce the postponement of EGX Birmingham 2022.

“Given the current climate and the knock-on effects of Omicron, many of our partners and brands are not yet ready to return to live events. At the end of the day, we felt that we wouldn’t have been able to put on the awesome show you expect from us without them.”


“Thank you for your support during this challenging time,” the message continues, “and to everyone who had worked so hard to try and make EGX Birmingham 2022 happen. While we are sorry we won’t be able to see you in March, we’re excited for EGX London and have more details on the great things coming soon.”

Those who have purchased a ticket to the event will automatically receive a full refund within the next few weeks. There is no information on when the event is being postponed until, but the webpage says that EGX Birmingham will return in 2023, suggesting that the recent news is more of a cancellation of this year’s event than a postponement.

EGX Birmingham was previously known as EGX Rezzed, and had a larger showing of indie games and retro consoles. However, it was renamed and expanded to allow AAA games to appear on the show floor.

In other news, Ubisoft has added a memorial to Rainbow Six Siege to pay tribute to caster Michael KiXSTAr Stockley, who passed away in late 2021. The spot chosen for the plaque is where Stockley defeated an enemy team in eight seconds when he was a professional player.



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