An ‘Elden Ring’ Game Boy demake is in the works

The game should run on the original hardware as well

A complete demake of FromSoftware’s open world title Elden Ring is being remade as a Game Boy game, and it should even work on the official hardware.

As explained by Reddit user and Twitch streamer Shintendo, the demake is being built in GB Studio 3.0 – software that allows people to custom make games for the Nintendo Game Boy.

Shintendo is also streaming the creation of the Elden Ring Game Boy version on their Twitch channel.


“I haven’t decided on the scope yet, but I am at least hoping to finish [the] Limgrave area by the end of May,” said Shintendo. Intermittent updates will also be posted on their YouTube channel as well.

The demake looks to borrow heavily from early Game Boy RPGs like The Legend Of Zelda and Pokémon, and it even includes FromSoftware’s iconic dodge roll.

As expected, the combat and navigation systems are very rudimentary in comparison to this year’s release of the actual Elden Ring, but the trailer footage does show the Grafted Scion boss fight and the well-known “You Died” screen.

According to IGN, the game will even include Melina who simply says: “No maidens?”.

This project follows a PS1 demake of FromSoftware’s other game Bloodborne, which now has a kart racing version of the demake in development as well. Developer Lilith Walther said: “I had no choice. You must understand that I have to do it for the memes,” and that she will “try my hardest” to get multiplayer into the game.


In other news, Kick Bastards is a first-person parkour game releasing next year all about kicking and wall running. Visibly inspired by Mirror’s Edge, players are tasked with using parkour to defend the Earth from the devil and his armies.