‘Elden Ring’ Game Boy demake now lets players explore a green-tinted Limgrave

Players can even fat roll

The fan-made demake of Elden Ring that imagines how the title would play on a Game Boy in 1993 has been fully released, offering up an early part of The Lands Between. 

Built by Shintendo, this version of Elden Ring bears a striking resemblance to early The Legend Of Zelda titles and offers up the Precipice of Anticipation, Northern Limgrave and Stormveil Castle from the FromSoftware game.

Playable on itch.io here, the demake can be played in-browser, via emulators or even on real retro hardware. A trailer for the unofficial Elden Ring GB can be watched below:


In the game’s FAQ section, Shintendo says they didn’t make the whole game, only opting to recreate Limgrave “because I need to find an actual job instead of working on this game. I would like to expand the game in the future, but no promises.”

Elden Ring’s iconic main theme has been recreated in classic Game Boy style for the demake’s title screen, but Shintendo notes that “it’s difficult to implement sound in GB Studio 3.0, but I would like to add more in the future.”

All the player can do is explore, hit, roll and interact with enemies and NPCs, but it’s more than enough to make any classic Game Boy fan or avid Elden Ring enjoyer smile. The Tree Sentinel also still makes a lasting impression, as they prove to be a formidable foe whilst getting used to the controls.

The game flips between top-down exploration sections and 2D platforming, with the 2D Margit fight also proving to be quite the challenge. When booting the game up remember to select “new game” the first time you play, with the ability to save found at each Site Of Grace.

In other news, the world’s first interactive Mario Kart ride is coming to Universal Studios Hollywood in early 2023.