‘Elden Ring’ hotfix puts a stop to Malenia’s health stealing glitch

A small number of other fixes were made too

Elden Ring has received a small hotfix to fix some issues that arrived with the latest patch, including a glitch that accidentally made Malenia even tougher.

Earlier this month, FromSoftware released a patch for Elden Ring that expanded the questline for Patches, as well as a number of buffs, but with that patch came a group of fresh glitches. Yesterday (April 26), a hotfix for this patch, 1.04.1, was released that addressed these new issues.

One of the most prominent glitches from that patch was the fact that Malenia, Blade Of Miquella would still be able to heal herself even when you would successfully dodge roll, as demonstrated by the now famous Let Me Solo Her. Typically, her attacks only heal herself when she hits you or your shield while blocking, so it made the fight more of a challenge than normal. This would only occur when summoned by playing online, but it’s been fixed with the latest patch.


As well as this, a glitch would occasionally occur that would cause some bosses to die at unintended times and occasionally the final boss of the game wouldn’t show up. Both these have now also all been fixed.

Another glitch that came in the previous Elden Ring patch was that the effect of the Cerulean Hidder Tear was shortened. Given that this particular item eliminates all FP consumption, you would want it to be as long as possible, but the hotfix has restored it to its regular length.

Aside from that, the last note is “fixed some texts,” but it isn’t specified what texts have received any changes, though they are likely all minor.

In other news, a number of older Elder Scrolls games like Daggerfall have been made available on Steam for free to celebrate their arrival on the digital storefront.