‘Elden Ring’ players are invading and slapping people as Will Smith

The now-famous Oscars incident has now made its way to 'Elden Ring'

Elden Ring players named after Will Smith are invading people’s games and slapping them.

Following this year’s Oscars incident where Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on stage, Elden Ring players have decided to customise their characters to look like the actor, and are invading players’ games to simply slap them, and leave (via PCGamesN).

One player was caught up in the bizarre situation and decided to capture the moment “Will Smith” entered their game and posted it to Elden Ring‘s subreddit. In the gameplay footage, you can see the enemy player invade the user who begins to slowly walk towards them.


Once they are in reach, Will Smith punches slaps them in the face and walks off – exactly how the real-life actor did during the Oscars 2022. You can check out the clip below:

Another Reddit clip shows another player who also ran into the same situation. A different Will Smith invades, walks down a series of steps, slaps them, proceeds to yell using one of the game’s emotes, and leaves. The Elden Ring player on the receiving end can be heard expressing their disbelief.

One YouTuber, NotTheRealSpartan, even went as far as to create a new character that looks like Will Smith to pull off the Elden Ring trend.

In other Elden Ring news, an Tekken 7 modder recently release a new project called ‘The Ultimate Elden Ring Modpack’ which replaces the game’s fighters with characters featured in the FromSoftware title.

The mod replaces the character Marduk with Radahn – one of Elden Ring‘s hardest bosses – while also switching out Kazumi with Ranni the Witch.


In other news, FromSoftware has released a new patch for its latest title which aims to rebalance the Starscourge Radahn boss fight.