‘Elden Ring’ pre-orders are available for launch and collectors editions

Secure yourself an Elden Ring statue

FromSoftware’s upcoming Elden Ring is available for pre-order, and those looking for a physical copy will receive a few bonus goodies.

Announced on Twitter by Bandai Namco, Elden Ring has two physical versions available to pre-order via The Game Collection. The launch edition costs £44.95 to pre-order. A physical copy of Elden Ring is included in all versions except the PC Edition, which includes a Steam code-in-box.

The physical goodies included in the Elden Ring Launch Edition comprises three exclusive art cards that depict the landscape and scenery of the Lands Between. Each card is 135x170mm. A women patch is also included alongside three stickers featuring emblem patterns from the game. A 393x334mm poster representing a hero from the past is also included.


The physical pre-order version is also cheaper than the digital pre-order on Steam, which costs £49.99.

The second version of Elden Ring, the Collector’s edition, includes all launch edition items. It also comes with a digital version of the game’s soundtrack, a steel book for your disk or steam code, and a 40-page hardback artbook depicting the environments, monsters, and warriors of Elden Ring.

Finally, the Collector’s edition comes with a 230mm statue of Malenia – Blade of Miquella. The figure is “finely detailed” and features the female warrior prominent in much of Elden Ring’s marketing. The Collector’s edition costs £179.99 to preorder.

A gameplay preview recently provided an in-depth look at Elden Ring in action. The footage showed an open world that could be explored freely. New map tools also allow players to mark locations for later or place beacons to help with navigation. Mounted combat was also shown in the video, with the player character fighting using blades, bows, and magic from the back of a creature.


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